There is a feeling, l think, that there is much at stake in the next synod. There a number of implications to be considered regarding the church’s avowed commitment to diversity, while at the same time we are reviewing a many of our systems, structures & processes. It is undoubtabIy a good thing that, probably […]

The current contention over the common cup (is it safe? or, of individual cups, are they legal?) looks to be a more prosaic question than some of the others that have been raised. Nevertheless, underneath “is it safe?” and “are they legal?” lies the more pressing question, “why do we do this?”

I’ve been paraphrasing The Cloud of Unknowing, as an excercise during my failed-hand-ness, so I thought I’d also post it here. You can find it on Podbean, also. Episode 1: HERE begins a book of contemplation, called “The Cloud of Unknowing,” in which a soul is united with God. It begins with a prayer: O […]

Some ruminations on the encounter in my brain between the webinar from CEEP and the Sermon Brainwave podcast for Easter 2: In the former, Brett Gray compared the 1662 Book of Common Prayer provision for prayer during times of plague and the current Church of England provision. The latter, he pointed out, has lost the […]

“In the time of the Plague, Sweat, or such other like contagious times of sickness  or  diseases,  when  none  of  the  Parish  or  Neighbours  can  be  gotten  to  communicate  with  the  sick  in  their  houses,  for  fear  of  the infection, upon special request  of  the  diseased, the Minister  may  only communicate with him.” Even the […]

Brother, sister, let me serve you; let me hold your hat for you; and when it is time to bless, then I will hand it back to you. Institutions and collations, Confirmations – you will see; to these services and others I will take you carefully. I will hold the crosier for you place it […]

An essay submitted during my Master’s degree as an independant learning project, posted here, so that I can refer to in in another essay …

Tune: CM Sweet Name most holy, glorious, once heard in desert flames, A name that speaks of life and light: The Everlasting Name. — Four letters holding all that is within one verb, one noun. For all that shall be, is and was can find its source in you. — And yet we dared not […]

I have reached saturation, I think. The novel I finished this morning was well written, well plotted and the dialogue was convincing but … and here lies the hidden nettle … yet again the heroine was beautiful – and I mean stunning – and popular. Yawn. No, not yawn, growl! I cannot think of a novel I […]

I was lucky enough to be in London for the Olympics – well not all of it, but we managed to get tickets for the Judo. At the time, both of my children did Judo at school, so you can imagine their excitement at seeing it at Olympic level. The very first bout, the loser […]