Tune: CM Sweet Name most holy, glorious, once heard in desert flames, A name that speaks of life and light: The Everlasting Name. — Four letters holding all that is within one verb, one noun. For all that shall be, is and was can find its source in you. — And yet we dared not […]

I have reached saturation, I think. The novel I finished this morning was well written, well plotted and the dialogue was convincing but … and here lies the hidden nettle … yet again the heroine was beautiful – and I mean stunning – and popular. Yawn. No, not yawn, growl! I cannot think of a novel I […]

I was lucky enough to be in London for the Olympics – well not all of it, but we managed to get tickets for the Judo. At the time, both of my children did Judo at school, so you can imagine their excitement at seeing it at Olympic level. The very first bout, the loser […]

What do we think of when we’re asked to imagine a prophet? A slightly mad figure in camel hair? The prophet of doom, the seer with arcane visions of the future? Or the Elijah figure, calling down fire from heaven onto his enemies.? John the Baptist fits the role well: a second Elijah, the seal […]

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Thomas Kidd praises David Skeel’s True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World, a book he describes as a “remarkable” effort of apologetics: Skeel’s work is both philosophically weighty and engagingly brief (at 160 pages, I read it in one afternoon). The essence of his case for Christianity (or…

Here’s a thing I’ve cooked up from odds and scraps, on request. It’s supposed to parallel Stations of the Cross, obviously, so the idea is not that the whole scripture passage is read at each station, but that there is something – probably visual, and a short something read, to evoke the event. It’s a […]

This is just a little tale of coincidence, which heartened me, an might encourage others. Got up this morning feeling a bit frayed round the edges. I move today, it’s not going smoothly, so I was starting down the, ‘o shit what have I done,’ path. Walking the dog, I began to recite morning prayer, […]