I have decided, this time, that trying to write up five days of Synod as a blow by blow account is neither practical nor desirable – especially as I lost the ability to take notes after two days and missed a significant part of the afternoon of day four. Also, the Church Times is usually […]

On the 22nd of May, after the 10:30 a.m. service at the cathedral, I will be launching my book, Bertha’s Daughters: a history of the Church in Kent. This wide-ranging book of thumbnail sketches features women in Kent from Bertha (b. c. 560) to Simone Weil (b. 1909) who have influenced the life of the […]

On the Wednesday of General Synod l attended a discussion panel on the work of the Clergy Conduct Measure Implementation Group. I was moderately impressed. Key proposals were: Facility for clergy to self refer. (Why would I want to? Apparently either because l know I’m out of line and want to ‘fess up, or to […]

I’ve just had a bit of a shout on twitter : So, having identified the lack, l thought it behoved me to supply it. the following is basically just a translation of the BCP rite. Thanksgiving following childbirth stories may be shared of the family’s experience And then a minister says And so we praise […]

By Thursday I was beginning to to feel I had a solid grasp of what was going on. I had discovered that there were not only bright yellow papers with all the questions, but similarly bright papers with the updates to the the agenda, including amendments. These “order papers” may trying to work out what […]

Day Two of General Synod, and counting …

What I did on, well not my holidays, but General Synod.
Which is not close.

Evening prayer was a dose of familiar calm amid the strangeness, finishing a day that was “interesting” in every sense – from intellectually stimulating to, frankly, bonkers.

There is a feeling, l think, that there is much at stake in the next synod. There a number of implications to be considered regarding the church’s avowed commitment to diversity, while at the same time we are reviewing a many of our systems, structures & processes. It is undoubtabIy a good thing that, probably […]

The current contention over the common cup (is it safe? or, of individual cups, are they legal?) looks to be a more prosaic question than some of the others that have been raised. Nevertheless, underneath “is it safe?” and “are they legal?” lies the more pressing question, “why do we do this?”